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November 21, 2012

Doodle Bugs! Friday Five

The Doodle Community is buzzing with news & events. Here’s what has been going on and what we have coming up:

1) Our annual Turkey Tot was held on Tuesday, November 20th. Beginning at 10:00AM, each child gobbled through the halls dressed as a turkey!

2) Our Thanksgiving Feast took place during lunch time on Wednesday, November 21st. Each classroom enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal and plenty of games and stories focused on thankfulness and appreciation.

3) Today was our annual Day-After-Thanksgiving tradition – everyone came to school in their jammies! ‘Pillow fights’ and ‘bedtime snacks’ added to the fun!

4) Our parent teacher conferences start next week on November 26th. Please check with your center director for more information.

5) The Doodle Bugs! Administration office will be beginning its Toys For Tots drive on December 3rd. Please contact Marketing Specialist Leia Daigler at leia.daigler@doodlebugs.com for more information.