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June 21, 2016

Differentiating “What’s Your Super Power?” Week


Everyone has a super power, and this is the week to let them shine! We’ll balance fast-paced activities and events with community building as we explore and celebrate each camper’s unique talents. Whether you’ve been given the ability to read fast, build intricate block structures, or run through an obstacle course at top speed – this week is designed to help campers get to know themselves better as well as their camp friends.

Your variety of learners will need your thoughtfulness when designing these special camp days. Making sure everyone’s interests are accounted for and find out what interests those who are more reserved. Simply asking, “Would you like to help me plan our outdoor games this week?” can be enough to spark participation.


Monday’s Be Strong event includes a series of suggested challenges such as measuring how long a camper can lift a (cardboard) car and how far one can jump between buildings.  Consider adding some more unassuming tests of strength based on your group of campers such as a friendly staring contest (strength of mind and eye) or a photography contest with an iPad!


Tuesday’s Be Brave event invites campers to design obstacles to “rescue” various classroom toys and also suggests extending the topic by giving campers materials to paint/draw a time they remember being brave. Remind campers that one of the truest forms of bravery is just being comfortable being yourself ! As children draw/paint/sculpt or engage in other forms of expression, take time to listen to what’s on their mind and ask questions to guide their thinking. No matter how brave you are – it always feels good to be heard and for something to think that what you’re saying is important.


Wednesday’s  Be Creative event comIMG_5119bines challenges campers to invent water gadgets! This is especially appealing to our young engineers and those who like to “tinker” with small parts. Some of your campers may prefer to take a back seat and observe. They may not find these hands-on activities appealing or are reluctant to dive into water play. No problem! Suggest they help design on paper, review the final pieces or draw/photograph the process of others. These are equally important roles that will make them feel just as included!


Thursday’s Be Silly event is a team effort as campers pass an object and create their own special sound as they do! This one is sure to erupt multiple giggling fits. Some campers, however, don’t like being put on the spot and the center of attention. Offer an instrument, a friend to do a duet with instead, or a pass! Helping children feel safe and secure in their classroom community goes a long way in building their trust and respect. It may also help them come out of their shell down the road!


Friday’s Be Super Heroes event is a full day in costume including a parade! Not everyone will arrive in super hero gear so make the extra effort to help campers create something awesome to wear to be a part of the fun. The thematic center, “Super Hero Family Costume Design,” (a place to make mom or dad a super hero accessory) is also a good way to get them involved and excited to participate. Suggest that campers make something for one another, too! Sometimes children are more willing to join in when they’re invited by a peer.