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December 16, 2016

12 Directors of Doodle Bugs! Day 8: Lake Worth Edition

This month we are taking a moment to recognize the 12 Center Directors from our corporate locations. Being the leader of a child care center is a big job. Not only are Directors overseeing their team, and the daily operations in the center, they are also role models, nurturers, cheerleaders and teachers for all of the children in the building.



Today we’re headed down to Florida to tell you all about Crystal Elliott, Center Director at our Lake Worth center. Miss Crystal is a ray of sunshine, much like the sunshine state where her center is located.

Crystal joined the Doodle Bugs! team in September this year and has continued to impress us since day one. Prior to joining the team, she ran her own licensed in-home daycare in Texas for six years. Her business, Crystal’s Crib, specialized in infants.

In addition to her child care and management experience, Crystal earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Development and a Minor in Early Childhood Education. She is also a Texas State Certified Sign Language Instructor and Independant Baby Sign Language Instructor. Her education, certifications and early childhood experience is a wonderful asset to her Lake Worth center as well as Doodle Bugs! as a whole.



Crystal is determined. As soon as she stepped into her role as Director she was passionate about creating a community of Happy Children, Happy Parents and Happy Teachers in Lake Worth and her hard work is already paying off.

“I believe that with challenges comes huge rewards and I am determined to make Doodle Bugs! Lake Worth one of the best centers around!”

If you ask Crystal, she’d tell you that her favorite parts of the job are the smiles and “leg hugs” she gets  every time she walks into a classroom!

“I love that on my drive to work I’m thinking about the impact I’m going to have on the lives of several little ones every hour of my work day!”

Since starting at Lake Worth, Miss Crystal has been passionate about visiting classrooms throughout the day. Every time she goes into the infant room, she sings If You’re Happy and You Know It. Now, after doing it day after day, when she goes in or walks by their room they she her and start clapping their hands.  It’s a daily reminder of how absorbent their brains are at that stage and most importantly that they are HAPPY CHILDREN!

Crystal has made a such a positive impact on the Lake Worth center already and we can’t wait to see the effects of her leadership in the months to come!

“Crystal takes initiative to help classroom teachers on a daily basis. She is dedicated to increasing enrollment and creating a close-knit staff.”   – Melissa Montalbano