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December 12, 2016

12 Directors of Doodle Bugs! Day 4: Clarence Edition

This month we are taking a moment to recognize the 12 Center Directors from our corporate locations. Being the leader of a child care center is a big job. Not only are Directors overseeing their team, and the daily operations in the center, they are also role models, nurturers, cheerleaders and teachers for all of the children in the building.

Miss Angela Frost is the Center Director at our Clarence, NY location and a great example of someone who has climbed the Doodle Career Ladder. She began her journey with Doodle Bugs! as a teacher at the Orchard Park center. She was later promoted to Director Assistant at the Cheektowaga center and most recently to Director in Clarence. During her tenure, Angela has been recognized as the January 2016 Employee of the Month as well as a 2016 Employee of the Year nominee!


In addition to her depth of Doodle Bugs! experience, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, a Masters of Science in Education and did her Post Graduate work in Special Education all at Buffalo State College.

If you ask Angela, she would say that being a Director at Doodle Bugs! is the #BestJobEver because she gets to smile all day long! She loves that every single Doodle Day is different but always full of love, learning, and surprises that make it not seem like “work”.

“Ensuring that we are delivering what we promise to families is my goal every day! The children, families, and teachers I work with are OUTSTANDING! Who could ask for more?”






Miss Angela, also affectionately known as Miss Angie in her center, embodies the Doodle Spirit. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Some of her most memorable moments so far include: taking selfies with Mr. Doodle Bug on his birthday, 2015’s rockin’ new year’s eve dance party and doing the “Tooty Ta” with the children in her center. Plus, if you know Miss Angela, you know she is always using her own “Doodleism” in conversation– Doodletastic, Doodlerific, Doodleverse and Doodley!

Check out what some of Angela’s faculty has to say:

Not only is Angela a great director, but she is a great leader.  She consistently gives her all when trying to encourage and motivate others. She shows strong values and is exceptionally committed to living the Doodle Bugs Way! She does a great job acknowledging accompliments and most importantly, works to create and build relationships with each child and family in the center.

Angela is a very supportive Director; she is easy to talk to and offers advice and support with concerns. She recognizes strengths and provides guidance for areas that need improving. Angela had made my first two months here at Doodle Bugs! a very positive experience. She works very hard to make this center one to be recognized. I look forward to coming to work everyday!   – Laura

Angela is very serious about her job but also works to make sure everyday is fun– for the children and faculty! I enjoy coming to work knowing that if I need anything Angela will do her best to help me with whatever it is   – Miss Hannah