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December 9, 2016

12 Directors of Doodle Bugs! Day 3: Henrietta Edition

This month we are taking a moment to recognize the 12 Center Directors from our corporate locations. Being the leader of a child care center is a big job. Not only are Directors overseeing their team, and the daily operations in the center, they are also role models, nurturers, cheerleaders and teachers for all of the children in the building.

Welcome to day 3 of the 12 Directors of Doodle Bugs! Today we’re highlighting Miss Kara Matzel, Center Director at our Henrietta, NY location.


Miss Kara joined the Doodle Bugs! team this year and brings loads of expertise with her. She has over 10 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelors of Science Degree in Childhood Education and Special Education and a Masters of Management Degree.

Kara began her tenure during Summer Camp this year and comments that it’s been an adventure since day one! Every day she looks forward to the smiles, hugs and greetings from the children in her center. For her, making those connections is the best part of every day.





Being able to work with such an incredible team is another highlight for Kara and it seems the feeling is mutual. Check out what her faculty had to say:

Kara is one of the most kind and caring people I have ever met. She always puts everyone else’s needs before her own.

Kara loves to make special visits in our classroom and my friends love it!

Kara shows her appreciation for our hard work by always coming around to our rooms and thanking us!

Kara shows understanding and patience all day!

Kara is so nice and caring. She truly loves her job and it shows every day.

Kara is very understanding! She shows true affection for the children as well and the staff. Always offering a helping hand.

Kara is very helpful! She is very caring towards all of the children!

Kara is dedicated to the success of her center. She cares about each and every child and staff member!

Kara works very hard!

Kara always recognizes when you are doing a great job and is open about concerns.

Kara has a great sense of humor!

Kara is so kind and makes a point to help out whenever needed!

Kara is very helpful and very concerned with what every teacher needs. It helps the day run smoother.

Kara is always super friendly and is always willing to help if needed!

Kara always has a helping hand with great ideas!

Kara listens and supports her teachers.

Kara always asks and offers help for anything in our classroom.